Is there a minimum age requirement?

We require all guests to be 21 years of age or over.



How do I book a private event?

You can book your event by contacting us at



How do I book a table for bottle service?

For Bottle Service Table Reservations call 312.285.2271 or contact



Does Persona offer valet parking?

Private Valet Company directly across the street, next to fire station. The rate is $10 per vehicle, unless special event.



Where can I find information on upcoming events?

Please follow our social media handles for in house events, external promotional all events will be listed on our event calendar.



What are Persona’s rental rates?

Sunday: $3500 Min
Monday-Wednesday: $2500min
Thursday: $3500-$4k min
Friday: $12k
Saturday: $12k



Is there a coat check?

Coat check is available at a cost of $5 per item / (1) item per hanger. Availability varies upon season and weather.



Is there a cover charge?

On Friday there is usually no cover charge between 4-10pm. On Friday & Saturday, there is a cover charge starting at 10pm. The regular cover charge is $20. Times and amount of the cover charge are subject to change on any given day due to special events.



What is the dress code?

For more information about Dress Code click here.



How do I reserve an area in the lounge?

After 10pm, all seated areas in Persona are available for bottle service only and can be reserved with the required minimum liquor spend. Click the reservation link here or email us at

Be sure to include your name, contact number and email, desired date, how many guests, and any other pertinent information.

Please Note Bottle Minimums:

  • Main Floor (Seats 5) - Two Bottle Minimum 

  • Lounge (Seats 7) - Three Bottle Minimum 

  • VIP (Seats 10) - Four Bottle Minimum



Are cakes allowed at Persona?

While we love celebrations, there is a $25 fee for outside deserts.